Know The Best Snacks in the Magic Kingdom Before You Arrive!

In the past few years, snacks have taken on a new meaning when planning your Walt Disney World Vacation. We have countless emails from readers requesting information about snacks in the Magic Kingdom — where to find the best ones, how much they cost, and which snacks are worth the money!

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Get Your Questions About Snacks Answered!

“What snacks are available?”

“How much do snacks cost?”

“Can I get them with a Dining Plan Snack Credit?”

“Are any snacks big enough to replace a meal?”

“Where do I find the best snacks and the best values?”

“What snacks should I get if I don’t have the Disney Dining Plan?”

Answer all these questions and more with the Disney Food Blog Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks downloadable PDF!

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Don’t Miss Out On The Best Snacks in The Magic Kingdom

Touring the Magic Kingdom can be an all-day job, but there’s no reason for hunger pangs or long restaurant waits to slow you down. There are dozens of great snack options in the Magic Kingdom, but many visitors don’t have time to search out the hidden gems that fit their family’s dining and touring preferences. Why spend money on sub-par snacks when there’s something just around the corner that your family will love?

We’ve combed the Magic Kingdom from top to bottom to find the very best snacks that offer something for everyone. With the Disney Food Blog Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks e-Book, you’ll have access to photos, reviews, and prices of over 100 of our favorite and most unique snacks in the Magic Kingdom. Take a look before your trip to decide what snacks your family will enjoy, and find out where to find the best snacks in the park!

Time is money on a Disney Vacation, get the most out of both!

Find Out About Snacks and Add-Ons That Aren’t On The Menus

We’ve asked the right questions to find out what snacks, toppings, and extras you can score — even if they’re not listed on the menu!

Get The Best Value For Your Dollar (and For Your Snack Credits!)

Most of us spend quite a bit on our Disney vacations, so why not get the most bang for your buck? We’ve gathered our top snack values when you’re paying out of pocket, because there’s no reason to waste your money on snacks that aren’t worth the dough!

If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, those snack credits can be worth more than you’d guess. There are plenty of fantastic snacks valued at over $4 that you can get in exchange for just one snack credit! And you can even use your snack credits to purchase enough food for an adult meal. We’ll show you how.

Why a Downloadable PDF?

This product is only in digital form. Once you purchase you will immediately receive a link to download a PDF file with over 110 pages of great information. Why did I decide to make a PDF instead of a physical book? Several reasons:

  • You can get the book immediately and get started right away.
  • You can read it on your phone or iPad, which are much easier to carry into the theme parks than an 80-page book. Click here to see instructions to get the book on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  • The format allows the inclusion of click-able links to invaluable web resources.
  • You can search the text of the book electronically, instead of wasting time flipping through indexes and pages.
  • I feel that 100% satisfaction is a must, and digital products are easier to return than physical books. If you’re not satisfied, just send me an email and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


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Sample Pages

Here are some samples of pages from the book to give you an idea of the value you’ll be receiving:


Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel the Disney Food Blog Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks is worth the price, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money. I’m confident that you’ll be thrilled with the mini-guide and get many times your investment back in time-savings and vacation enjoyment.

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About the Author

AJ Wolfe has been writing about the food at Disney World for years, which represents the culmination of over two decades of research. She writes The Disney Food Blog, a daily blog all about dining in the Disney parks and resorts, which has been recommended by Redbook Magazine,, the Orlando Sentinel, the OC Register, and will soon debut on National Public Radio.

She’s also written the successful DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book (see reviews below), which has been praised by thousands of readers and recommended by the Orlando Sentinel’s Kristen Ford, the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World’s Len Testa,’s Deb Wills, WDW Radio’s Lou Mongello, and Hidden Mickey Guide’s Steve Barrett, among others. Tens of thousands of people use AJ’s Disney dining advice every day, so you can feel confident that your plans are in safe hands.


If you order today, you’ll get the following FREE Bonuses:

  • The Snack Location Index is a click-able index organized by Magic Kingdom “land,” detailing the location of each snack and whether or not it’s available for a snack credit. This is the perfect solution for finding the ideal snack no matter where you are in the park!
  • Five Themed Snack Crawls — a great activity for a group of any size or a solo adventurer! We’ve mapped out five snack crawls that will take you from location to location to sample some of the best snacks the Magic Kingdom has to offer. Choose from five fun themes — or do a new one every day!
  • Suggested Snack Pairings for those who want an even more unique experience! You’ve heard of food and wine pairings — this is the snack version! Want to combine sweet and salty? Want to play with textures and flavors when it comes to snacks? We’ll get you started with 11 fun snack combinations to try!
  • Best Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Values. For those visiting with the Disney Dining Plan, we want you to get the biggest bang for your buck. Take a look at our best snack credit values in the Magic Kingdom!

Reviewer Accolades For AJ Wolfe’s First e-Book: The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining

“The authoritative guide to navigating WDW dining! A must read for those planning a WDW vacation.”

Deb Wills,

“The money saving tips alone are worth the price of the book.”

Len Testa, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

“There is nothing else so well-written, comprehensive, and FUN about Walt Disney World dining!”

Lou Mongello, Walt Disney World Trivia Books,

“If you’ve ever had a question about dining at Walt Disney World, AJ Wolfe’s The Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining has the answer. This comprehensive e-book is a valuable tool for both first-time visitors and Disney World veterans.”

Kristin Ford, Orlando Sentinel, The Daily Disney

“The book is easy to navigate, fun to read, and incites Pavlovian responses with its mouth-watering descriptions and images of Disney dishes. If you’re heading to Disney World, you really should make a dining plan as part of your preparations. The DFB Guide is a comprehensive, invaluable plan-making resource.”

Arthur Levine, Parks

“As someone who not only blogs about Disney, but is also a self-acclaimed Disneyphile, I’ve always found A.J.’s Disney Food Blog to be an incredible resource. I’m so happy that she is now offering this e-Book to complement the information available on her site! I will definitely be recommending this to my readers when they have Disney dining questions in the future.”

Amy Lupold Bair, Resourceful Mommy Media

“A few small differences in dining decisions can make or break your vacation. I don’t know why anyone would spend thousands on their vacation and not invest in this book.”

Brad Johnson, WDW for Grownups

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